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Review: Ghost Wall


Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss

  • Blurb: Teenage Silvie is living in a remote Northumberland camp as an exercise in experimental archaeology. Her father is an abusive man, obsessed with recreating the discomfort, brutality and harshness of Iron Age life. Behind and ahead of Silvie’s narrative is the story of a bog girl, a sacrifice, a woman killed by those closest to her, and as the hot summer builds to a terrifying climax, Silvie and the Bog girl are in ever more terrifying proximity.


  • Review: I found the writing style of this book hard to get used to so it took me longer than usual to read 160 pages. It’s very British in every way and as a Brit myself I still struggled with some wordings, maybe that’s just me. It also does focus quite heavily on British history which I actually found to be quite interesting. This book was a 2 star for me until about half way, it starts off pretty slow then gets to a point where you just can’t put it down. I had genuine feelings of dread reading this and the tension was written well. I will say there are definite trigger warnings for domestic violence. The whole time I was willing our main character to speak up, fight back, it was very frustrating. The way this story ends gave me so many emotions and I was left nearly in tears, for many reasons. I really enjoyed what elements of friendship there were, some moments were very pure and almost made me forget about the horrors. The ending of this book made me settle on a 4 star rating. I would recommend this to people that like reading very dark books.

Hardcover: 160 Pages

My Rating: 4/5 Stars


This book was bought by myself and not sent to me for review.

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