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Review: Shiver


Shiver by Junji Ito

  • Blurb: This volume includes nine of Junji Ito’s best short stories, as selected by the author himself and presented with accompanying notes and commentary. An arm peppered with tiny holes dangles from a sick girl’s window… After an idol hangs herself, balloons bearing faces appear in the sky, some even featuring your own face… An amateur film crew hires an extremely individualistic fashion model and faces a real bloody ending… An offering of nine fresh nightmares for the delight of horror fans.


  • Review: Junji Ito is a master of creepy and his artwork perfectly portrays this. Being able to draw his own visions definitely makes his stories the best they can be, rather than having to go through another artist. All of these stories are super creepy and whatever your weakness may be (puppets, holes, monsters, spots) there will be something in this book that will really make you cringe and not want to turn the page. At the end of each story, Ito shares notes on what inspired the story and also his original sketches for it which I found really interesting and unique. This book is as beautiful as a creepy horror anthology could possibly get. I can’t wait to read his other works which include Tomie, Uzumaki and Gyo.


Hardcover: 392 Pages

My Rating: 4/5 Stars


This book was purchased by myself and not sent to me for review.

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