Nintendo Direct February 2019


Nintendo finally had their first 2019 direct on February 13th and I thought I’d make a post about the things I was most excited to see in it! They packed a lot in to the 35 minute direct which was mostly supposed to focus on the upcoming Fire Emblem title but only spent around 10 minutes on it leaving plenty of time for other release news. This isn’t a round-up of everything mentioned, this is purely what caught my attention the most.


I bought Captain Toad Treasure Tracker for the Switch when it was released as I never got to play it on the Wii U and puzzle games are my thing. I didn’t actually play it that much on my own so the new update to enable co-op made me very happy and I have since played quite a few levels with my kids and husband. The controls can be quite fidley but we were using the joycons, pro controllers would probably make it a lot easier. A very cute and quite challenging puzzle game, way more fun as a 2 player experience.


I picked up Dragon Quest Builders on the Switch when it came out last year and I had so much fun playing it. A cross between Zelda and Minecraft, the only thing that felt missing was the choice to play co-op as both me and my husband wanted to play it so we ended up taking turns instead. The news of Dragon Quest Builders 2 being co-op was great news and this direct finally gave us a release date for it of July! So you can bet we will be playing that as soon as it comes out.


Another new JRPG was announced from the creators of I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphere. I played and really loved I Am Setsuna so I will most likely be picking up this new title, the game play and art style look gorgeous. Oninaki will be released sometime this summer.


Nintendo’s last surprise at the end of the direct was the new highly rumored Legend of Zelda game that turned out to be a remaster of Link’s Awakening! I personally think the art style they went for is super cute and I will be picking this up whenever it releases this year as I never played the original game.

Other mentions from the direct are release dates for the Final Fantasy 7&9 ports, 7 coming in March and 9 was released on the eshop soon after the direct which I have already downloaded. You can bet I’ll be getting 7 for the 100th time too. Also the second Unravel game is coming in March, I played the first Unravel game a few years ago and loved it but never tried the second as it was co-op, so coming to Switch will be perfect for me!

Those are the things that excited me the most during the direct but there were so many good announcements! What game are you most excited for?


screenshots taken from the direct
(still slightly salty there was no mention of animal crossing)

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