K-pop Album Review: TXT – STAR

txtReleased: 4th March 2019

BigHit finally debuted their second group, TXT, after only having BTS for years. As expected there was a lot of hype and expectation surrounding this new group with a lot of BTS fans already supporting them before debut. Their debut mini album, The Dream Chapter: STAR, is made up of 5 tracks, all of which have quite unique sounds to really show the groups potential and versatility. Track 1 is Blue Orangeade, which is a track that is the most similar to their title track Crown in that they are both very upbeat and poppy, what you would expect from your typical K-pop song with catchy beats and chorus.

Our Summer is the 3rd song on the album and my personal favourite. I love everything about this track with its chill summer vibe and catchy chorus. It will definitely be going on my top songs for this year and probably be in the top 5.


Now let’s talk about Cat & Dog, the 4th track on the album. I honestly didn’t really like this song on the first listen, not that I didn’t like the rapping but it felt quite immature, after further listens I have come to really enjoy listening to it. That ending will always be a bit cringe though. (I am aware I am not the target audience for this)

The last track on the album is a ballad called Nap of a Star and it is beautiful. Such a delicate song that really shows all of the members soft singing abilities (and yes they all have great ballad voices).


I have listened to this whole album loads of times now and my favourite songs in order are: Our Summer, Crown, Cat & Dog, Nap of a Star and Blue Orangeade. What is your favourite song from the album?

I will definitely continue to support this group and am so impressed with their debut overall. My bias for now is Yeonjun, he seems to be a very passionate dancer and I love his rapping style. Do you have a bias yet?


screenshots taken from the official music video

One thought on “K-pop Album Review: TXT – STAR

  1. Haha, you already know my thoughts on this album 😉 But I like leaving you a comment so I’m here anyway! AND YESS I really wish they had left out the cringey end of Cat & Dog or it probs would have been my fave song. *insert single tear here*

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