BTS Persona Review

BTS released the first mini album of their new era, Map of the Soul, with Persona on April 12th 2019. The title track and music video is Boy With Luv and features the American singer Halsey. I have been an Army since DNA era and have been eagerly awaiting this comeback. Here are my first thoughts of listening to the songs:


Intro: Persona – RM’s rap intro track is a throw back to Skool Luv Affair with its heavier rap style and the electric guitar. RM is my favourite rapper and for me this felt more like his first mix tape which I really loved. A very strong start and setup for the album with a theme of self discovery.

Boy With Luv (feat. Halsey) – Another throw back to Skool Luv Affair (Boy In Luv) with this unexpectedly upbeat happy bop. I was apprehensive about their title track being a collab with a western artist but honestly this works perfectly and Halsey’s voice works so well with this song. The album version has more of her vocals than the music video does and it sounds great.


Mikrokosmos – Another upbeat happy song that honestly brings tears to my eyes. Everything about this song sounds so pure and fills you with hope and happiness, very uplifting. I can’t wait to see them sing this one live. I especially love when Jimin and Taehyung sing together, their voices sound amazing.

Make It Right – This song was worked on by Ed Sheeran and you can hear it. A much more chill smooth vibe than the other songs so far with interesting instrumentals making this a very unique sounding song. Highlights for me in this song are definitely Jimin’s parts.


HOME – The song for Army. Sticks with the more chill vibe opening leading in to a rather sexy sounding chorus. I really enjoy the rap parts of this song.

Jamais Vu – This song only features Jin, Jungkook and J-hope. I really like being able to hear more of Jins vocals and he really shows them off. Hobi starts off slow and brings in his usual rap style later. This song is beautiful and is about the feeling of being hurt over and over and it hurting just as much each time. Another that brings tears to my eyes.


Dionysus – Where do I even start with this track. It left me speechless the first time I heard it as it was so unexpected. It feels like old style Bangtan mixed with something new and, other things? What genre is this even. Who cares. It is AMAZING. Hard bass and guitar and vocals. Can’t wait to see this live and if it has choreo it’s going to be insane.


In conclusion: I am extremely impressed by this mini album and love every single track on it. I don’t think any BTS album will rival my love for Wings but this sure comes close! My current song ranking is: Dionysus, Mikrokosmos, Boy With Luv, Make It Right, Jamais Vu, Persona, HOME. This order will probably change the more I listen to the album but all of the songs are incredible.

Have you listened to the album yet? Which song is your favourite? Follow the links below to check it out!


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