Nu’est: Happily Ever After

Nu’est released their 6th mini album ‘Happily Ever After’ on the 29th of April 2019. It is their first physical release as a 5 member group since Minhyun came back from being a member of Wanna One (Produce 101 S2) temporary group. For those that don’t know, Nu’est are my ultimate bias group, so there have been a LOT OF FEELS. Here are my first thoughts of listening to the songs:


Segno Such a perfect way to bring Nu’est back, a song all about coming back together, being on a journey but not forgetting where you started. This song has just the right amount of chill and can I just say, I love having Minhyun’s vocals back in Nu’est songs. Such a sweet song and the choreo even features parts from some of their older tracks!
My rating: 4/5

BET BETWhat a title track to come back with. It keeps the Nu’est W vibe and makes it Nu’est. Baekho and Minyun back on the chorus vocals and I’m honestly living for it. This has been the kind of song that the more I listen to it, the more I love it, ad don’t even get me started on that choreo.
My rating: 4/5


BASSWe all know (or maybe not) that I’m a real sucker for a heavy bass track so from the get go I was expecting to love this one a lot, and I wasn’t wrong. This song couldn’t be more up my alley if it tried. I love everything about it, does what it says on the tin, not sure what more to say.
My rating: 5/5

Talk About LoveA more laid back chill track with an interesting opening. Love is also their fandom name, so they could be talking about love in general or their fans, or both. Living for Minhyun’s vocals in this.
My rating: 3/5

DifferentHere is something a bit ‘different’. The chorus was unexpected but fun, a bit more of an upbeat track. I particularly like Ren’s parts in this one.
My rating: 3/5


FineThis one feels almost otherworldly, a really pretty song that makes me feel relaxed and chill. I love the simple chorus and the instrumentals are so soothing. Also Baekho’s high note at the end, yes.
My rating: 4/5

UniverseMinhyun’s solo track was released before the album but I’m glad it was included on the physical release. As previous members had solo tracks with Nu’est W, it was nice to see Minhyun’s return to the group with a solo track of his own to remind us of how beautiful his voice is.
My rating: 4/5


In conclusion: I love this mini album and am glad they kept elements that worked so well with Nu’est W and brought it to Nu’est. I’m so proud of how far these guys have come and I only see them going up from here (as of writing this post they have had 4 wins for BET BET!)

My current song ranking is: BASS, BET BET, Segno, Universe, Fine, Talk About Love, Different.

My overall rating: 4/5


Have you listened to the album yet? Which song is your favourite?
Follow the links below to check it out!


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