Me vs. My Friends (ft. Lena) BTS Edition

Me and my friend Lena (who also loves k-pop) thought it would be fun to do one of these, and seeing as we both love BTS a lot, to do one featuring only BTS! This is just for fun and our own opinions.
What are your BTS favourites?

Favourite music video aesthetic

A: Blood Sweat & Tears (video)
L: Spring day (video)


Favourite song lyric

A: Spring Day: “You know it all, you’re my best friend.”
L: Paradise: “Who says a dream must be something grand? Just become anybody. We deserve a life Whatever, big or small, you are you after all.”

Favourite ballad

A: The Truth Untold (video)
L: 2! 3! (video)

Favourite dance track

A: Fire (video)
L: IDOL (video)


Favourite rap track

A: We Are Bulletproof pt2 (video)
L: Cypher 4 (video)

Favourite pop track

A: Save Me (video)
L: I’m Fine (video)

Favourite solo song

A: Jungkook: Begin (video)
L: Suga: First Love (video)

Favourite award show performance

A: MMA 2018 (video)
L: MMA 2018


Favourite Love Yourself concept

A: DNA (video)
L: Answer (video)

Favourite vocal moment

A: V’s high notes in Stigma (video)
L: Jimin’s high note in Let Me Know (video)

Favourite style era

A: Fake Love (video)
L: Persona (video)

Favourite title track

A: Blood Sweat & Tears (video)
L: IDOL (video)


Favourite B side track

A: Best of Me (video)
L: Dionysus (video)

Favourite choreography

A: Not Today (video)
L: Fake Love (intro only) (video)

Bias wrecking moment

A: Jimin in BS&T MV (video)
L: J-hope in Outro: Tear (video)


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