K-pop Songs for Different Moods



I decided to compile a list of K-pop songs according to different moods, just for fun. These songs of course are mostly from my own personal tastes so please don’t be offended if your favs arn’t listed here, feel free to leave songs in the comments! I tried to take the sound of the song as well as the lyrics into consideration while categorising (I also tried to only have 1 song per artist per category), I hope you enjoy and maybe find something new that you like. Songs marked with a ♥ means it’s one of my all time favs and you should definitely check it out. (links lead to lyric videos on YouTube)


Wave by Ateez
Crown by TXT
Take Me Higher by A.C.E
Sleep Talking by Nu’est
Fancy by Twice
Red Flavor by Red Velvet
Boy with Luv by BTS
Just Right by Got7
Touch by NCT 127 ♥
Millions by Winner
Hi High by Loona
Love Bomb by Fromis_9
Energetic by Wanna One
My Flower by JBJ
Very Nice by Seventeen
No Air by The Boyz
As if it’s Your Last by Black Pink

If you by Big Bang
The Truth Untold by BTS
5tar by A.C.E
She’s in the Rain by The Rose
Stay Here by Gaho
My Flower by Ladie’s Code
Before Our Spring by Jonghyun
Breathe by Lee Hi
A Song For You by Nu’est
Paint Me by Mamamoo
Universe by Exo
Don’t Wanna Cry by Seventeen
Spring Breeze by Wanna One
Between by Noir

Our Summer by TXT
Sea by BTS
Starry Night by Mamamoo
Kokobop by Exo
Fxxk It by Big Bang
Really Really by Winner
Shine by Pentagon
Hero by Oneus
You Are by Got7
Look by Nu’est
Sunset by KNK

Chained Up by Vixx
The Eve by Exo
Want by Taemin
Blood Sweat and Tears by BTS
Fantasy by JBJ
Baby Don’t Stop by NCT U
Bad Boy by Red Velvet
Lip & Hip by Hyuna
DDD by Exid
Deja vu by Nu’est W
Dally by Hyolyn
Mini Skirt by AOA

Miroh by Stray Kids
D.D.D by The Boyz
Adios by Everglow
Burn It Up by Wanna One
Killing Me by Ikon
Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang
Utopia by Ateez
Boombayah by Black Pink
Stealer by D-crunch
Airplane Mode by Noir
Callin’ by A.C.E
Power by Exo
Good Evening by Shinee
Where You At by Nu’est W
Superhuman by NCT 127
Valkyrie by Oneus

Monster by Exo
Side Effects by Stray Kids
Hala Hala by Ateez
Danger by BTS
Voodoo Doll by Vixx
Fear by Seventeen
Shoot Out by Monsta X
You in Me by Kard
Boss by NCT U


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