Oneus: Fly With Us



Oneus had their K-pop debut back in January and quickly became one of my new favourite groups with their debut track, Valkyrie, being one of my top songs of this year. They had their first comeback in May with the title track Twilight which I enjoyed although not as much as their debut, you can see my review of that mini album here.
This is their second comeback and third mini album, let’s see how I felt about it.


Intro: Fly me to the moon
A short intro track that sets up the rest of the album nicely, could have easily been a full length track and I like it more than some of the other songs on this album. 3/5

Plastic Flower
This starts off with more of a Latin feel and is my least favourite track on the album, even after quite a few listens I’m still not sold on it, mostly due to the chorus, it just doesn’t work for me. 2/5

This album’s title track also took me a few listens to really get in to but it has grown on me. This one has a more traditional Korean influence feel to it, along with the music video and features a lot of quirky rapping. I do enjoy the pre-chorus and chorus and the song for me gets better more towards the latter parts. 3/5

Blue Sky
For me, this song has the most Oneus sound to it and is the kind of track I have come to expect from them. A more laid back pop style with a synth chorus, I love it. It also shows off more of the members vocal capabilities than other songs on this album. 4/5

Level Up
This track has a darker style and sound to it and is by far the most hype on this album in my opinion. I would describe this as a ‘typical k-pop’ sounding song that is popular with male artists at the moment, this song could quite easily be done by several other groups (Monsta X comes to mind) but Oneus execute it very well and it is my favourite track on this album by quite a long shot. 4/5

Stand By
The ballad or slower vocal song of the album, it’s fine. I’m not a massive fan of ballads or slower songs but this is pleasant enough to listen to. 3/5


Overall this album wasn’t what I expected or necessarily wanted from Oneus and therefor didn’t enjoy it as much as their previous 2 mini albums. It took several listens through to really get to like and appreciate some songs but I will continue to support them and anticipate their next release.

My Overall Rating: 3/5

Listen to the album


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