SuperM – First Mini Album



The highly anticipated debut of SM’s power group is finally here. Many fans were excited and many were nervous about the high focus on the American market as this group features a lot of K-pop fan’s fav’s from SM groups SHINee, EXO and NCT. Quite honestly some of the best artist’s in K-pop, there was a lot riding on this release so how did it stand up to the hype? While I know and admire all of these members previously from their respective groups I wouldn’t consider myself a stan of any of them, but still I was very excited to see what this was all about.




I know, what the heck is Jopping? Jumping and Popping apparently. I was apprehensive hearing the title of this track, presuming it was going to be too gimmicky and westernised and boy was I pleasantly surprised and quite honestly, relieved. I love everything about this track AND the MV, you can tell it is extremely high budget and SM really put their all into this release. The lines/ screen time seem to be fairly distributed  as far as a group with 8 members goes (except for Ten) and I really like that they still kept some Korean. A very hype bop that is right up my alley with the 90’s boy band feels, love it love it love it. Baekhyun’s high note is everything, I could honestly make a whole blog post just on this song and MV. 5/5

I Can’t Stand the Rain
I really love the feel of this track, slower still with a strong beat and in my opinion it’s rather sexy sounding. The vocals are so on point and I like the added strings in the background music. 5/5

2 Fast
The album chills out a bit more with this track, the chorus sounds super smooth and it has more of an overall club feel. 4/5

Super Car
The vibe picks back up with this track, this could quite easily be from an NCT 127 album. It is a darker hip hop feel and the rap line really shines. 5/5

No Manners
The strings make a return for this last track on the album. This song has more of an EXO feel to it in my opinion with a more slow and sexy vibe. 4/5




Overall I am so happy with this album, I think it is fantastic and it exceeded my expectations, even knowing what power players we had for members of this super group, because it really is a super group with some of the best talent that K-pop currently has to offer. I’m excited to see what they bring out next and really hope that this album does well for them, they deserve it!

My Overall Rating: 5/5





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