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October/November Wrap Up


Books I Read and Finished in
October + November


Favourite K-Pop Releases in
October + November


I have gone back to exclusively mood reading and at my own pace putting no pressure on myself which has resulted in me really enjoying my time reading! I’m no longer requesting ARCs or gift copies of books for now so I don’t feel pressured into only reading certain books. I’ve finally started rereading the Harry Potter series after 12 years and am very much enjoying reading a chapter a night before bed on my kindle.

I have been playing some of the new Pokemon on my Switch but am taking a break after completing the 3rd gym and waiting for my kids to get their copies for Christmas so we can play it together. I also picked up Death Mark for Switch in the eShop sale which I have nearly completed now, it is a very creepy manga style horror visual novel with point and click elements. I will most likely be posting it’s own review on my blog once I have finished playing it.

New Things
The only new thing that has been happening that is of significance is that I have finally started therapy for my PTSD which I have been living with for over 20 years. I have been attending group sessions in preparation for one to one therapy and it has already been so eye opening. This is also something I might be making separate blog posts on in the future.




3 thoughts on “October/November Wrap Up

  1. Congrats on starting the group sessions for the PTSD, that’s an important step to be able to take. If you’re interested, there are some illustrated editions of Harry Potter that bring new life to it. Definitely recommend those if you haven’t seen them yet.


      1. Ohhh yeah, they are quite heavy, but they’re so pretty that I was willing to deal with it haha. Still a great re-read! 😊


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