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December Wrap Up


Books I Read and Finished in December


Favourite K-Pop Releases in December


My reading has still been steady, reading a few chapters most days which seems to suit me and stop me from slumping. I have a physical book on the go as well as a kindle book that I read only before bed. I’ve been much better with buying ebooks rather than physical lately and is something I should have started doing much earlier. I do like to get my Japanese lit books in physical copies though but anything that I’m not sure if I will even like it is much easier to get on kindle rather than having to unhaul physically which is something I will continue to do through 2020.

I’ve picked up Pokemon Sword again and am still really enjoying my playthrough, I’ve also started playing Night in the Woods and Ori and the Blind Forest on my Switch. Now that it is 2020 I’m officially super excited to play two of my most anticipated game releases in March, the Final Fantasy VII remake and of course the new Animal Crossing.

New Things
I am aiming to try and post on my blog a lot more regularly this year, every couple of days would be my goal and I am busy writing up posts now before the new year to have some scheduled and ready to go.




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