My Top 10 K-pop Title Tracks of 2019



I think it was a pretty good year in terms of K-pop releases, especially for debut and rookie groups! It was very difficult but I have managed to gather my top 10 (title tracks ONLY), I will have a separate top 10 only for B-side tracks. I’ve also only included 1 track per artist/group otherwise Ateez would have most of these places 🙂 Also this list is obviously just my opinion!


#10 Taemin – Want
Taemin had a comeback early in the year with a title track that, for me, managed to beat Move which I didn’t think possible! How does this man make such sexy music, the MV is also gorgeous, of course.

#9 EXO – Obsession
A late addition but I couldn’t not put it in my top 10. The aesthetics of this comeback were so good and the song itself is so edgy and catchy.

#8 Nu’est – BET BET
Nu’est is my ultimate bias group and this was their first comeback as OT5 in 3 years and I was very emotional. Now it feels like Minhyun never left and they managed to continue the style from Nu’est W in to this comeback seamlessly. So proud of them.

#7 TXT – Run Away
These guys debuted earlier in the year with Crown which I loved, but this comeback really just blew me away. The rock vibe of this track with the catchy chorus and choreo is everything, I stan.

#6 Astro – All Night
I was introduced to this group later in the year by a friend who stans and I can now officially say that I stan too, mostly because of this song, it’s just SO GOOD.

#5 A.C.E – Savage
I got in to these guys just before their Undercover comeback in the first part of the year and was really excited for their October comeback which has now become my favourite song from them, along with the suicide squad aesthetics of the MV, they go HARD and I love it.

#4 KNK – Sunset
This one kind of came out of no-where, I didn’t really know of the group until I checked out this release and was totally blown away! I love everything about this track, the choreo and the MV. I really vibe with it.

#3 Oneus – Valkyrie
In my opinion, the best debut of 2019. They debuted with this song and I was obsessed and have followed them since, they have really impressed me and I can’t wait to see what they bring in 2020.

#2 SuperM – Jopping
I can’t help it, whatever your opinion of SuperM is, this mini album slaps and Jopping is such a catchy 90’s throwback track that I still listen to it regularly and it was close to being my top spot on this list! Let me see you bounce!

#1 Ateez – Hala Hala
This technically may not be a title track but I am counting it for this list as their second title track from the album. Ever since Hala Hala was released way back in January it has been my top track of the year, and nothing has managed to knock it off of the top spot! I have followed Ateez since debut and throughout 2019 they became one of my ultimate bias groups, I absolutely love these power rookies and am so proud of how far they have come in just a year.


Here are also some honorable mentions that nearly made the list:
Kim Donghan – Focus
Woosung – Face
StrayKids – Side Effects
Chung Ha – Gotta Go

What was your top K-pop title track of 2019?


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