International Reading Challenge 2020



Myself and my friend Keira from Headphones and Hyperboles have started an international reading club! (her idea) As we both love to read Japanese literature and want to broaden our reading to other countries and thought some of you might want to join us!
You DO NOT need a blog to be able to participate, you can join in completely on your own if you wish or come and join us over on our Goodreads group page so we can chat about all of the awesome international books we are reading.

We have set 12 prompts to help you choose books as well as holding bi-monthly read-a-longs of some of our book picks! We also have a points and awards system for those that want to use it, but the main aim is to encourage readers to reach out and find new favourite reads by international authors.

We hope to see you over on our group page or feel free to chat to me via Twitter, happy reading!

International: non US/UK/AU authors



(feel free to double-up)

1. Read a book written in a language that is not your mother tongue
(or: read a book written about someone living somewhere where they don’t speak the language)
2. Read a classic by an international author
3. Read a book set in a third-world country
4. Read a book written by an author from a country you have never visited
5. Read a book set in a country from which the author does not come
6. Read a book written by an author from a country you want to visit
7. Read a book featuring an international LGBTQIA+ character who doesn’t live in America/the UK (or: read a book by an international LGBTQIA+ author)
8. Read a book set in eastern Europe that is not about world war 2
9. Read a book with a character who comes from a different culture to you
10. Read a non-fiction book about a country you are interested in
11. Read a manga (or: read a graphic novel written by an international author)
12. Read a book based on/containing mythology or folklore from a country that is not your own



(books can be read in any language)

JAN-FEB: Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami
MAR-APR: Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka
MAY-JUN: Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera
JUL-AUG: Season of Migration to the North by Taleb Salih
SEP-OCT: The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov
NOV-DEC: The Vegetarian by Han Kang



  • 1 point for each INTERNATIONAL book read (1 per country)
  • 1 point for each PROMPT completed
  • 3 points for each READ-A-LONG participated in



  • 1-10 points = Staycation
  • 11-20 = Beach Holiday
  • 21-30 = Tourist
  • 31-40 = Off The Beaten Track
  • 45+ = World Citizen


If you want to display award badges you can find them all here.
The bunch of flowers award is for completing all prompts.
The single flower award is for participating in all read-a-longs.


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