Me vs. My Friends (ft. Lena) ATEEZ Edition

ateezUntitledMe and my friend Lena (who also loves k-pop) thought it would be fun to do another one of these, and seeing as we both love ATEEZ a lot, to do one featuring only ATEEZ! This is just for fun and our own opinions. What are your ATEEZ favourites?Untitled


A: Yeosang
L: Hongjoong

Bias wrecker

A: San
L: Seonghwa

Favourite hair colour and style

A: Silver/lilac braided hair for San in Wonderland era
L: Red hair for Hongjoong in Illusion/Wave era

Favourite music video aesthetic

A: Illusion
L: Answer

Favourite song lyric

A: Aurora:
Every time I saw the sunset, I was afraid every night. But I’m not afraid any more. Because you’re in the dark.”
L: Utopia:
Go to the top, our direction is High I wandered and went to the sky Stay up and run till you see your dreams It’s at your fingertips, make it to the top.

Favourite ballad

A: Mist
L: Aurora

Favourite dance track

A: All of them
L: We seriously can’t pick just one

Favourite vocal moment

A: Jongho in Hala Hala
L: The high notes in Answer

Favourite style era

A: Hala Hala
L: Say My Name

Favourite title track

A: Hala Hala
L: Answer

Favourite B side track

A: Promise
L: Aurora

Favourite choreography

A: Pirate King
L: Hala Hala

Bias wrecking moment

A: Wooyoung in chains in Wonderland MV
L: Ending Fairy Seonghwa


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