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January Wrap Up


Books I Read in January


Favourite K-Pop Release in January


I really havn’t been reading as much as usual during January, I’ve been in the middle of 2 books for about 2 weeks and it’s not that I’m not enjoying the books, I just can’t be bothered to read as much so I havn’t been trying to force myself, I’ve just been reading when I really feel like it. Although I do think I will end up DNFing The Binding, only because I havn’t picked it up in over a week and I’m not really getting the urge to. The most recent book I’ve picked up is The Other People on my Kindle for the Literally Dead Book Club‘s first monthly read run by BooksandLala as I want to read more thrillers. So far it’s pretty good and has me hooked needing to know the truth, I think I will probably finish it in the next couple of days.

I really have been gaming a lot more during January, I finished the main story and post game content for Pokemon Shield, played a bit of The Last Day of June and picked up Stardew Valley for my Switch. I did have fun playing some of Planet Zoo until my PC decided to die on me 😦 So now I have a laptop and am pretty much limited to playing on my Switch until/if my PC is fixed. The FF7 remake has been pushed back until April, which is fine, and Animal Crossing is officially out NEXT MONTH. I feel like I have been waiting YEARS to play this game and it is nearly here, I could cry.

I’ve managed to lose a few lbs this month, which is good, and I hope to continue on through the rest of the year and get down to a weight that makes me happy. I’m still on the waiting list for one-to-one therapy for PTSD so that hasn’t started yet. On the 14th of this month (yes, Valentine’s day) I will be turning 35, I usually have a hard time on my birthday, not because I’m getting older, just due to personal and family reasons but I vow to spend my birthday this year feeling happy.




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