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February/March Wrap Up


Books I Read in February + March


Favourite K-Pop Releases in
February + March


My reading habits have kept pretty steady and I’ve continued to just mood read whatever I want to basically. Although I have been on a request spree with Netgalley for some upcoming titles that I really look forward to reading. At the moment I am about 75% done with my first Brandon Sanderson book, Warbreaker, and I’m honestly loving it and plan on starting the Mistborn series at some point too. There will also be an exciting readathon announcement coming up on my blog very soon that I am co-hosting this year that fans of Japanese literature or readers looking to try it will definitely not want to miss out on.

Animal Crossing, need I say more.
I will try and post my review of the game so far after playing it for nearly 2 weeks with over 110 hours logged, but needless to say I am very happy with it and enjoying it a heck of alot. I’ll also finally get my hands on the Final Fantasy 7 remake next week which I have been waiting for for A LONG time. It is my favourite game of all time and I am so excited to play through a new take on it.

February and March were a great struggle for me mentally, hence no posts really going up on here. But despite the state of the world at the moment I seem to be doing better mentally for whatever reason. Although being in quarantine with 4 kids is bound to change that eventually I’m sure, I hope you guys manage to stay safe and as sane as possible.




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