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April/May/June Wrap Up


Books I Read in April + May + June


Favourite K-Pop Releases in
April + May + June


My reading has been getting more consistant throughout June and I’m hoping to keep it up in July. I’ve been setting myself a goal to read around 100 pages of my physical book a day plus about 30 minutes of whatever eARC/ebook I’m reading on my kindle before bed. I’ve also tried to be more diverse with my reading and trying to branch out to other international authors and not just Japanese, I have some physical TBR books that I’m really excited about.

I have still been playing alot of Animal Crossing since it came out, no way near as much now as the first month though but with the next content update coming out on the 3rd I think I will be playing it more often again. I also want to have a go at creating some more outfit designs that I can post on here.

I don’t really think I need to post more here other than 2020 has been dire and I’ve been home with the kids for 3 months now, I wasn’t exactly sane before but now there is no hope left for me. I’ve also come to the conclusion that I have autism along with PTSD, anxiety and depression so that has been fun to get my head around. I might make some specific mental health posts on here if I feel like it will benefit other people.

Oh, we also got guinea pigs.





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