Release date: 29th July 2020. 5th mini album.
Members: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, Jongho. Company: KQ Entertainment. 3 physical album versions.

As with their summer album last year, there was also a voting period for the title track between THANXX and INCEPTION for this album which was won by INCEPTION, although music videos for both tracks will be released.

FEVER: This song has definitely grown on me the more I’ve listened to it. At first it was very overshadowed by the other tracks on this album for me as it has a more chill sound and didn’t stand out or sound as unique as the other tracks. It does have alot of summer vibes and feels very uplifting.
THANXX: This is the second title track of the album and to me it really still has all of the old pirate sounding vibes from their first era of albums, especially with the chorus. A more classic Ateez sounding track for me, very upbeat and catchy. Gracias.
TO THE BEAT: My favourite track on this album, from the ASMR vibes at the start to the catchy hooks and unique mash of sounds throughout that make this track really unique sounding and for me it just works perfectly. I have listened to this on repeat for many hours and still love it. Let it shine.
INCEPTION: The title track that won the vote, I love this song so much and it is up there as being one of my favourite Ateez titles. The chorus sounds so dreamy, Yeosang has lines (hurrah) and Seonghwa high notes, thank you. The choreo for this song is also spot on, I would highly recommend you watch the music video and a performance video to full appreciate it.
Good Lil Boy: This is one of Hongjoong’s composed tracks and for alot of people it is their favourite track of the album. It’s very fun and old school sounding with an upbeat chorus, a great use of all vocals and styles. I really hope HJ continues to work more on album tracks in the future.
One Day At A Time: Welp, the first time I listened to this I sobbed. First off I wasn’t expecting it to be fully in English and the lyrics are just what I needed to hear. This will be a go-to song for when I’m feeling really down and need some reassurance, I love it. I appreciate them adding this fan song on the album, especially in English for their international Atiny’s, it means a lot.

Another great mini album from one of my ult Kpop groups, Ateez have yet to disapoint when it comes to their music and are gradually building a very strong discography of hit songs. These guys are so hard working and it’s still so hard to believe that they are only in their second year from debut, they continue to consistantly impress and I am so proud and ever looking forward to what they have planned for their future releases.

My tracklist ranking as of now: To the beat, Inception, Thanxx, One day at a time, Fever, Good lil boy

My album score: 9/10

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