Top 10 K-pop 2020

10. ATEEZ: Inception – These guys are one of my ult groups and they continued to do so well in 2020 releasing another 2 mini albums. Inception was the title track for their summer album and like with all of their title tracks it is so good, another favourite track from this album is To The Beat.
9. BTS: ON – Another of my ult groups, BTS continued to take over the world in 2020 with so many awards and new records smashed, I’m very proud of them. They released a full album at the start of the year full of great songs, but the title track ON is the one that has stuck with me the most along with We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal.
8. A.C.E: Favorite Boys – Still too under rated, no one else is doing it like these guys and they continue to release bops. I hope they continue to grow and are able to keep releasing regular albums, a full album in 2021 please!
7. NCT 127: Kick It – NCT as a whole release so many great songs a year, but Kick It is the one that I’ve had on repeat since it came out and is my top NCT pick for 2020.
6. Stray Kids: God’s Menu – Stray Kids really grew so much in 2020 and ha2 some great releases, God’s Menu took everyone by storm and they shot up in popularity from it. Such a bop!
5. MCND: Ice Age – My favourite debut group from 2020, thier debut song ICE AGE was on repeat for me for months which puts it pretty high on this list. They continue to grow and release great songs, I have high hopes for this group in 2021.
4. DEMIAN: Cassette – My friend Lena sent me a link to this song knowing it was my style and I love it so much. He has 3 songs out so far, all of which could be on this list but I’m desperately hoping for an album from him in 2021. Please check him out!
3. DKB: Still – Another great debut group from 2020, 2 of their songs could have been on this list. Sorry Mama was followed up by Still and I love them both, another group to keep a close eye on. I’m excited to see what they bring to 2021.
2. TXT: Blue Hour – TXT in my opinion have yet to release a bad song, their whole discography is so good and this title track was very close to making it to my number 1. It has been on repeat a lot since it’s release and makes me so happy when I listen to it.
1. ATEEZ: Answer – Ofcourse my number 1 spot has to go to Ateez with their absolute bop from January 2020, Answer has been played so much by me through out the year and still holds up. Ateez are very close to being my top ultimate group, I love them and their music so much. I hope they stay happy and continue to do what they love.

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