Ranking LOONA Solo Songs

Before their official debut as a 12 member K-pop group, LOONA revealed one new member per month along with a solo song and I decided to rank them because, why not. This list is based solely on the songs, not how much I like the members or music videos.

If you have yet to check out LOONA you can click on each image that will lead to the official music video on YouTube, which one do you like the most?

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K-pop Album Review: LOONA – XX

loonaxxReleased: 19th February 2019

x x is a repackage of their debut album + + which was released last August. The repack features 5 new full length tracks + intro followed by all of the songs from + +. The title track ‘Butterfly’ is a very different and more mature sound than their previous title track ‘Hi High’ and to me sounds more like what I expect from Loona.

‘Butterfly’ has chill dance vibe with a mostly instrumental chorus and the choreo for the song is amazing. The music video for it is more diverse not only focusing on the Loona members performance of the choreo but also features women from around the world making it a unique addition to K-pop and I found it quite refreshing. Although I will say the song itself didn’t grab me on the first listen, the more I have listened to it the more I love it and the line distribution seems to be a bit more spread out than in ‘Hi High’.

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K-pop Album Review: Taemin – Want

taeminwantTaemin released his second mini album ‘Want’ on February 11th along with a music video for the title track of the same name. I have been a fan of his solo work since his full album release in late 2017 ‘Move’ and that title track was one of my top songs of 2017. I didn’t think there was any way Taemin could top Move, but my god he has somehow managed it.

The album features 6 full length tracks + an outro. The whole vibe of the album is Taemins usual dirty sexy and sensual signature sound that I’m a huge fan of. Want is straight up a song about how he seduces us, I mean, the guy is self-aware of how much he slays his fans at least and he works it. This album does have a bit more of a dark gothic feel with some of its tracks, particularly ‘Shadow’. ‘Truth’ and ‘Monologue’ are slower and more heartfelt songs and ‘Never forever’ is a bit lighter and we are left with a nice haunting outro. I can’t help but feel that Monologue may be a song about his fellow SHINee member Jonghyun who sadly passed.

Want is easily one of my top songs of 2019 and we are still only in February! Have you listened to Taemin’s new album? What is your favourite song? I have ordered the physical album from Yesasia to add to my collection. If you haven’t heard it and are curious, I’ve included some links for you to check out.



My Top K-Pop Songs Of 2018

I’ve listened to A LOT of K-pop this year but obviously not every release. This is just my personal favourites list from this year, not necessarily in this exact order but close enough.


  1. NCT 127: TouchOk I don’t even stan NCT but this song makes me SO HAPPY and I’ve played it throughout the year whenever I’ve needed cheering up. Also Yuta in the MV is just adorable. Top spot for giving me all of the good feels.
  2. LOONA: Favorite – A group that I do stan and finally debuted as a 12 member group this year, although not the title track, Favorite just feels so Loona to me and I love the MV. Fierce ladies and a great track. STAN LOONA.
  3. Kim Donghan: Sunset – Former member of the group JBJ, Donghan released this as his first solo title track and just wow. He looks and sounds AMAZING and I couldn’t stop playing this song when it came out.
  4. The Rose: BabyPure perfection, need I say more. Woosungs voice is magic. This group is still too under rated. I hope 2019 is a strong year for them.
  5. Nu’est W: Help Me – My ultimate group, Nu’est W’s last release before Minhyun returns from Wanna One to them next year. They have done so well since Produce101 and I am SO PROUD. I can’t wait for Minhyuns return.
  6. Nu’est W: Dejavu – Same as above.
  7. Noir: Airplane Mode – An extremely talented yet UNDER RATED GROUP! Noir debuted early this year and both mini albums they have released have been SO GOOD. I truly hope they get more recognition next year.
  8. D-CRUNCH: Stealer – Same as above. These guys debuted this year and I’ve had this song on repeat for a long time.
  9. BTS: Trivia: Seesaw – Finally a BTS song. Suga’s solo song from the Love Yourself Answer album just blew me away.
  10. Jonghyun: Just For A Day – Ah, Jonghyun. This is from my favourite full length album released this year, Poet Artist. Every song is so good, but this one is my favourite. A true artist.
  11. LOONA: Egoist – Olivia Hye was the 12th and last member of LOONA to be revealed and this was the song she debuted with, and it’s one of my favourite LOONA solo songs.
  12. BTS: Singularity – Taehyung’s solo song from Love Yourself: Tear, he is my BTS bias and well, that voice.
  13. BTS: IDOL – I don’t think much needs to be said about this one, it’s BTS.
  14. BoA: Woman – The queen of Kpop finally had a release this year that I LOVED. Long live the queen.
  15. Leo: Cover Girl – Leo from Vixx released his first solo album this year and this is my favourite track from it.
  16. (G)I-DLE: Latata – Probably the most popular female group debut of the year.
  17. Wanna One: Boomerang – Wing Wing Wing Wing.
  18. fromis_9: Love Bomb – The only release so far from fromis that I’ve loved, it’s damn catchy.
  19. Monsta X: Shoot Out – Another group I havn’t really liked any release from until they blew me away with this comeback.
  20. Twice: Yes or Yes – I feel like I have to put this on here because it’s been stuck in my head since it came out.

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What have been your top K-pop songs from 2018?